scientific medicine

scientific medicine,

n a term used to describe the form of medicine derived from the Flexnerian reformation of medical education and the germ theory in the early 1900s.

Patient discussion about scientific medicine

Q. Have any forms of traditional Chinese medicine been scientifically proven to actually cure anything?

A. Traditional Chinese medicine is more about maintaining health and preventing illnesses, not curing illnesses. But many thousands of symptoms can be relieved with proven effectiveness by using Chinese herbs and/or acupressure massage therapy and/or acupuncture.

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Because of our beliefs, we brush our teeth or don't bother; we eat certain foods and avoid others; we worship one deity or another or none at all, and we rely on scientific medicine or homeopathy to cure our ills.
She further announced the creation of a Tunisian network gathering five frontline national scientific medicine associations with the aim to bring all family doctors together and to train them.
The article focuses on the second area of research, specifically on how our interlocutors addressed the issue of possible interactions between health knowledge present in those two contexts of care, thus leading the reflection to a broader and less specific field of inquiry, the one of the modalities of relationship between the lore and knowledge of African matrix and the lore and knowledge of western scientific medicine.
No one, and certainly no one in "evidence-based" scientific medicine, knows.
The Foundation had started its activities in public health care in the south of the United States but, encouraged by the results and convinced of the superiority of its methods, decided to promote public sanitation and health care as well as the knowledge of scientific medicine on a global scale.
They need to be comfortable giving a 3- to 5-minute summary of why vaccines should be given on schedule and to consider how best to practice good scientific medicine.
Moreover, we have come to believe that most diseases, including previously hopeless conditions, can be prevented, cured, ameliorated, or controlled by scientific medicine, and that even those patients unlikely to benefit have a right to medical care.
It supports an indigenous form of homeopathic medicine over scientific medicine.
And, Diego Rivera's mural, The History of Medicine in Mexico (plate 397), powerfully displays the contemporary rift between scientific medicine and traditional approaches to healing.
At a time when scientific medicine is literally losing the war against quackery at every level, one finds that even academic medical faculties remain apathetic, and what was quackery or pseudoscience is now merely considered 'unconventional' or 'complementary'.
In the end a miracle is only declared when the doctors are prepared to admit their own ignorance as to how a person recovered, when the best scientific medicine failed.
But as the authors note, in scientific medicine there is no such thing as "best evidence"; there is only information, and information is not the same as knowledge or wisdom.

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