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A popular term for a molecule—e.g., a carrier protein—that links to a poorly- or non-antigenic molecule—e.g., a hapten—enhancing its immunogenicity and mediating transportation through the cell or body
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Rachel Lam, Schlep's founder and CEO stated, I am very pleased that TrueVue 360 has taken an interest in our company and its concepts, particularly in the realm of friendship collaborative consumption.
"Blame it on the Jews" if Obama doesn't win The TrailThe Washington PostBy Ed O'Keefe Comedienne Sarah Silverman is the "brains" behind -- a Web site designed to encourage young Jewish voters to "schlep it" to Florida, a battleground state, to persuade their as-yet-undecided and suspicious Jewish relatives to vote for Obama.
No e-mails or phone calls to let people know you're now the bigwig in the corner office or the newest schlep in the mailroom across the street.
Commuters rushing to catch the 5:41 to the suburbs are not about to fight hordes of first-floor shoppers and schlep down an escalator, pick out a dinner, wait on line and lug shopping bags of perishables on a standing-room-only, hour-long, non-air-conditioned train ride.
We've got so much stuff to schlep around whenever we go hunting or to the shooting range!
The only Sky commentator in India is Michael Atherton; with no cameras allowed in the stadium, he had to schlep a few hundred yards to a nearby car park to discuss the match before play and during the intervals, it said.
And why not, asks a rep who points out the celebs have to schlep in the sticks in scorching heat.
A high-speed rail link had been one of things proposed in the past to make the facility accessible to the city, but until then, the real impact it's going to have is by serving passengers in the Hudson Valley area who otherwise would have to schlep to one of the city's airports.
As they schlep from Sydney to Alice Springs, inspiring people every step of the way, this tatty threesome would probably never make Destiny's Child worry (Stamp's lip-synching is particularly bad news), but they're quite endearing as cross-dressers who redefine "Down Under."
She arrived early to schlep the dog gate and box of biscuits around back so that she could safely corral her client's three beloved Shelties before the buyer arrived.
(White men who never have been stopped have an average IQ of 106; those who have been schlep along at 103.) Instructively, they restrict their analysis of white criminality to a male sample and parenting to a female sample.