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A popular term for a molecule—e.g., a carrier protein—that links to a poorly- or non-antigenic molecule—e.g., a hapten—enhancing its immunogenicity and mediating transportation through the cell or body
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Continue reading "The Dreidel-Straddling Schlep Sisters Are a Burlesque-Performing Hanukkah Miracle" at.
The Beastie Boys' Mike D, for example, says Blue Hill at Stone Farm in the Hudson Valley is "a bit of a schlep, but so well worth it," while Mad Men and Community star Alison Brie says "Omakase is the only way to go" at Sushi Seki on the Upper East Side.
The only kink in the plan is that for their first season, the Legends will schlep over to the 4,100-seat Pasadena City College gym - not a true Valley site, but something that's a temporary fit.
DAVE GORMAN When comedians go on tour they usually have a nice Mondeo to schlep between towns.
They're the Super PAC behind the most buzzed-about viral videos of this campaignand the same guys responsible for "The Great Schlep," Silverman's 2008 appeal to young Jews to go down to Florida and convince their grandparents to vote for Barack Obama.
Installing a Nescafe Dolce Gusto in your office means you - and your grateful colleagues - can enjoy a drink when you like, without having to schlep to the coffee house.
Are you going to schlep your dog up here from Woodland Hills in rush hour traffic?
The source said: "There was no way Victoria would agree if it meant she had to schlep back and forth to London.
I now know that schlep and schmuck entered the English mainstream in the 40s, but their use increased rapidly in the 60s and 80s, respectively (thanks Lenny Bruce
It is the usual Sunday schlep back from Manchester to London, but on this occasion the train is taking an unusual route via Sandwell and Dudley.
You schlep over to the bank to stand in line to get to the machine that spits out a couple of Alexander Hamiltons just so you don't come off as the resident buzzkill.
Brighton isn't so bad (I once worked on the local paper), but it's a long schlep and it's crucifyingly expensive.