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 [shis´-, skis´to-sīt]
a fragment of an erythrocyte, commonly observed in the blood in hemolytic anemia; called also helmet cell and schizocyte.
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A variety of poikilocyte that owes its abnormal shape to fragmentation occurring as the cell flows through damaged small vessels.
Synonym(s): schizocyte
[schisto- + G. kytos, cell]
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Peripheral smear showed fragmented RBCs like schistocytes and schizocytes. Blood urea was 104, creatinine was 1.2, Total bilirubin was 1.5, direct bilirubin was 1.3, AST was 159, ALT was 40, Total proteins were 5.7 with serum Albumin of 2.8.
Laboratory analysis showed hemoglobin 6.3 g/dL, leukocyte and thrombocyte counts within normal limits, 1% reticulocytes, and zero schizocytes. Other test results (liver and renal function, serum folate and vitamin B12 levels, lactic dehydrogenase levels, C-reactive protein, serum protein electrophoresis, direct and indirect Coombs tests, and antinuclear antibody tests) were within normal limits, as were viral serologic test results (HIV, hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, parvovirus B19).