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This is my chance to rant, cry, laugh, and prove to the world that schizos can be successful.
In resisting fixation and keeping his schizophrenic life force alive, Stencil embodies the Deleuzoguattarian revolutionary subject, the schizo. Since what Stencil quests for is not a specific historical figure or the soul inside her but the flow of productive desire itself, he never suffers any serious breakdown, even when he learns of V.'s disassembly.
In one rant he accuses detectives of making up threats against him, adding: "Are you trying to provoke me to get a firearm and make me schizo?" Moat used a hidden microphone to record meetings with police, social services and his children.
En route to Worthing Police Station, he said: "I'm schizo, I did it and loved it and s***, I should have stabbed her more," Mr Hall told the court.
While Ruxandra Cesereanu's "Only in despair can we keep and witness reality" seems to characterize--if not define--her poetic vision, the beginning and concluding poems of this collection, "Letter to American Poets" and the title poem, move beyond the wrenching, self-rending language of earlier poems like those in Lunacies (see WLT, January 2005, 110), reprinted in this volume, and the third section, "Schizo."
Although slightly less resonant than her similarly noir-inflected debut, "Schizo," the latest pic pulls off the same trick of making well-worn crime plotting look entirely natural within its Central Asian setting.
Mark Mills - who Heather has claimed is a "schizo" who viciously beat her - vehemently denies her accusations, and has revealed footage of his daughter playing happily on a family holiday to Wales.
This is the artist as "schizo," what Deleuze and psychiatrist Felix Guattari idealized as "a free man [or, one hopes, woman], irresponsible, solitary, joyous" and which, Powell makes clear, "diverges sharply from the psychoanalytic view that the role of fantasy is to enable the return of the repressed and thus to engineer sublimation, and social consensus" (21).
He claimed they were behind a blog alleging criminal fraud, deception and money laundering, emails containing a "vicious" JPEG image of himself and senior executive Daniela Weber, and they had labelled them "the mad dwarf and the nympho schizo".
"Anyone who knows me well knows I'm a different person every day--a little bit schizo. And that's an aspect of myself I haven't really reflected yet on a record." The varied hues of Blistering Sun include a perky Tori Amos--esque cut ("Alright, OK"), earthy pop ("Featherwoman"), and alien beat-poet jazz ("Hit Song").
At his baptism, Jesus rises up from the Jordan river and immediately sees the heavens ripped open (schizo).
Set in the vast plains of Kazakhstan in the early 1990s, Schizo, an impressive Russian film, traces the tangled relationships between a young man, an ex-boxer and a single mother who live on the edge of town.