schara type

schara type (schä·rä tīp),

n in Tibetan medicine, a unique psy-chosomatic set of characteristics; on a physical level, a schara type will have a well-proportioned figure, robust muscles; medium-sized height; brawny, medium-sized neck; straight, medium-sized shoulders; well-built chest; small, muscular abdomen; strong extremities; medium-sized feet and hands; square, elastic, medium-sized nails; and a pink-colored skin tone covered with acne, freckles, or moles. Moderately gray hair covers the small, balding head. Facial qualities include wide, folded forehead; fine eyelashes and eyebrows; medium-sized, attentive eyes with a typically bloodshot appearance; medium-sized nose; and well-developed, proportionate ears. On a psychological level, this person may have qualities similar to a corporate or political leader with a strong will. A critical, intelligent, and penetrating mind can put into action ideas that are fully defined. However, this person may care more about the implementation of ideas than about people. The susceptibility to neoplastic disease, venereal disease, infectious disease, and the resulting infectious psychoses is high. Typically, every individual is a combination of all three types—chi, schara, and badahan. One or two of the types prevail over the others. See also chi type and badahan type.