schara (schä·rä),

n in Tibetan medicine, willpower, one of the three functions of the mind, which symbolizes the function required to fulfill actions by an individual and also plays an important role in spiritual development. See also chi and badahan.
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Yet the literature concerning the cultural contexts of empathy with racially and ethnically diverse clients remains scarce (Miville, Carlozzi, Gushue, Schara, & Ueda, 2006).
The association with Ross would lead to a meeting with industry powerhouse Ron Schara.
Lauren Schara is a writer living in Indiana who loves baking and aspires to travel more.
Goldrich CEO William Schara commented: "We believe the block purchase of shares will relieve downward market pressure on our stock.
Counselors working with clients experiencing chronic pain need to work through their own anxiety and discomfort about chronic pain conditions (Miville, Carlozzi, Gushue, Schara, & Ueda, 2006) because clients experiencing chronic pain will be susceptible to the injurious outcome of a counselor's poor fear-based advice.
Although a counselor may be less than accurate when employing empathy, striving to empathically understand a client's experiencing in a cultural context often lessens this possibility (Miville, Carlozzi, Gushue, Schara, & Ueda, 2006; Ridley & Udipi, 2002).
Seating 1,200 before a single screen, it was designed by Charles Stevens and featured mirrored interiors by Czech artist Karl Schara.
Goldrich Mining Company (Goldrich) (OTCBB: GRMC), a company engaged in discovery and mining of gold deposits, has named William Schara as its Chief Executive Officer and President.
Mercado, Larry Christopher Park, Lauren Schara, Charlotte Renee Sloane.
16) Critical examinations of this dimension of the figure of the Spanish gracioso are commonplace, but in reference to El burlador de Sevilla see especially Maya Schara, "El gracioso en Tirso de Molina: fidelidad y autonomia" Cuadernos hispanoamericanos 3, no.