schara (schä·rä),

n in Tibetan medicine, willpower, one of the three functions of the mind, which symbolizes the function required to fulfill actions by an individual and also plays an important role in spiritual development. See also chi and badahan.
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Marifil also announces the resignation of William Schara as a Director.
The association with Ross would lead to a meeting with industry powerhouse Ron Schara.
Lauren Schara is a writer living in Indiana who loves baking and aspires to travel more.
Although a counselor may be less than accurate when employing empathy, striving to empathically understand a client's experiencing in a cultural context often lessens this possibility (Miville, Carlozzi, Gushue, Schara, & Ueda, 2006; Ridley & Udipi, 2002).
Seating 1,200 before a single screen, it was designed by Charles Stevens and featured mirrored interiors by Czech artist Karl Schara.
Maria Virgilio and Quinn Schara, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, "Do meteorological variables and resource predictability explain yearly variation of fat stores and energetic condition of spring migrants at a Great Lakes stopover site?
16) Critical examinations of this dimension of the figure of the Spanish gracioso are commonplace, but in reference to El burlador de Sevilla see especially Maya Schara, "El gracioso en Tirso de Molina: fidelidad y autonomia" Cuadernos hispanoamericanos 3, no.
The judges for the fourth annual Dancing with the Twin Cities Celebrities event are: Laura Schara, host of Due North Outdoors and Macy's fashion correspondent, who won the 2011 Dancing with the Twin Cities Celebrities event; Faatemah Ampey, award-winning hair stylist, also a previous celebrity dance participant; and Caleb "Golden" Truax, a super middleweight professional boxer from the Twin Cities, and competitor in the 2010 Dancing with the Twin Cities Celebrities event.
Lucie, Florida; Jordyn Schara, North Freedom, Wisconsin; Robert Woods, West Chester, Ohio
Schara Tzedeck Synagogue, the oldest and largest Orthodox congregation in Vancouver, was founded in 1907.
Wisconsin's top youth volunteers of 2012 were Jordyn Schara, 17, of North Freedom and Zach Harmon, 13, of New Berlin.
Jordyn Schara, 17 (North Freedom, WI): Jordyn founded Wisconsin Prescription Pill and Drug Disposal (WI P2D2) to help communities safely dispose of medicines to prevent teen prescription drug abuse and avoid water contamination.