scavenging device

scav·eng·ing de·vice

(skavĕn-jing dĕ-vīs)
That part of nitrous oxide equipment that collects exhaled nitrous oxide and removes it; main component is the scavenging nasal hood.
Medical Dictionary for the Dental Professions © Farlex 2012
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The researchers say the scavenging device can be either used with other generating technologies or by itself.
Moreover, that study examined dental offices, where nitrous was free flowing during procedures--quite a different setting than the intermittent inhalation, demand-valve modality as is used during labor--and when using appropriate modern, FDA-approved equipment, and scavenging devices. Per the recent ESA task force (12):
Ion Power Group's technology should not be confused with energy scavenging devices that harvest man-made power from radio waves or AC power lines.
(Currently, scavenging devices can work in ranges from FM radio to radar.) Then the energy needs to be converted from AC to DC, and stored in capacitors and batteries.
Modern equipment has scavenging devices attached to prevent the smoke from being inhaled by staff, but older equipment does not have these devices.
The Department is now conducting research and a survey of area health services in regards to surgical smoke and where scavenging devices have been fitted.
Once this information is collated, the Department will issue a short policy about the installation of smoke scavenging devices including timeframes for their implementation and informing area health services that they must put in place interim risk control measures.
Every living organism is equipped with radical scavenging devices which suppress, scavenge or clear ROS or alternatively induce the synthesis of antioxidant proteins/ enzymes and protect the cells from indiscriminate and hyper reactivity of free radicals (Noguchi 2000).
Three [N.sub.2]O scavenging devices were tested following a controlled clinical protocol.
The efficiency of nitrous oxide scavenging devices in dental offices.