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For T-cells that actually leave the blood stream and enter the brain tissue, macrophages (the large scavenger cells found throughout the body) can play this role.
Macrophages -- the scavenger cells of the body's immune system -- are known as troublemakers for the role they play in obesity, but Stanford University School of Medicine researchers have found that the cells can also be saviors when it comes to metabolism.
It could be interplay of weakened mucous membranes and scavenger cells that induce ideal conditions for pneumonia bacteria to create a deadly lung infection.
ND-YAG LASER: This laser targets the pigment in these brown spots and encourages so-called scavenger cells - those which eradicate toxins - to rise to the surface and break it down.
Plaques begin with a buildup of greasy lipid molecules such as cholesterol, and this accumulation attracts scavenger cells from the immune system called macrophages.
Hajjar's studies suggest that once inside the artery wall, the monocytes turn into scavenger cells that gobble up cholesterol and other fats.