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Scattering about such a point leads to a requirement for more sampling points on the part of the detector closest to the scatterer.
It is common to write the differential cross section as d[sigma/d[omega], where d[OMEGA] = d[x.sub.L]d[psi] is the differential of the solid angle, [x.sub.L] = cos [theta], [theta] is the polar scattering angle, and [psi] is the azimuthal angle.
It is reported that the use of an imaging theory for chiral media is complicated for scattering problems in general since not only do the sources get imaged but the medium does also.
The roughness affects the wave propagation, radiation, and scattering properties.
A review of methodologies for the EM scattering in layered media has been presented in the paper titled "Modelling Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves in Layered Media: An Up-to-date Perspective" by P.
The goal of the paper titled "An Efficient Hybrid Method for 3D Scattering from Inhomogeneous Object Buried beneath a Dielectric Randomly Rough Surface" by H.
The scattering cross section and extinction cross section of particle are evaluated by
The scattering phase function using Legendre polynomial expansion can be written as
In the presented work, the entire MC simulation process is composed of four steps: initialization, drift, scattering, and statistics.
According to the Bragg theory, only the wave component traveling along the radar sight at the Bragg resonant frequency makes the major contribution to the radar scattering. The Bragg wave is modeled by sinusoidal waves traveling towards and away from the radar sight as in Figure 1 with the following form:
The size of the void is designed to optimize light scattering efficiency when it is dispersed into a continuous polymeric medium.
Driven by the need of predicting bistatic scattering and microwave emissivity, much effort has been devoted to further improving the IEM accuracy [9-19] by removing some of the assumptions originally imposed for the purpose of mathematical simplicity during the course of derivation.