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a plot in rectangular coordinates of paired observations of two random variables, each observation plotted as one point on the graph; the scatter or clustering of points provides an indication of the strength of the relationship between the two variables.


Graphic display of distribution of two variables in relation to each other.
[scatter + G. gramma, something written]


Etymology: ME, scateren + Gk, gramma, record
a graph representing the distribution of two variables in a sample population. One variable is plotted on the vertical axis, the second on the horizontal axis. The scores or values of each sample unit are usually represented by dots. A scattergram demonstrates the degree or tendency with which the variables occur in association with each other.


a graph in which the values found in a statistical study are represented by disconnected, individual symbols.
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In all six problem stations, the resulting scattergrams (Figures 5a-5f) illustrated that all the geometric mean values of fecal coliform concentrations and their upper limits appear below the NSSP limit of 14 MPN/100 mL during the study period.
Scattergrams between urban composition and spatial accessibility (segment angular choice radius 800 m, 2000 m, n) of the route 26 (29) in the local centre of Pasilaiciai (the lines of the route marked in red)
Show a scattergram of individual values or residuals
Presenting circularity versus CE diameter as a scattergram allows the identification of two regions of interest.
Population change is related to the effects of six causal variables through the use of scattergrams and bivariate least-squares regression.
Inspection of the scattergrams between the differenced input and output series did indicate this for the year 1989 in Quebec and for the year 1962 in British Columbia.
These scattergrams showed no new significant changes on a per patient basis to draw inferences and were therefore non-significant.
The two scattergrams in Figure 16 compare the widths of generalized functional classes with their corresponding perceptual classes and generalized equivalence classes.
Although nonsignificant correlations here might reflect curvilinear relationships between the variables, inspection of scattergrams (not presented) provided no evidence of curvilinearity (the small number of paintings precludes a formal analysis of departure from linearity).
Scattergrams between parameters of landscape structure and storage ratios of basins were used to identify the direction and form of the relationships.
The relationship between these variables and the number of artefacts in each spit is depicted in Figure 3, using scattergrams, regression lines and linear correlations coefficients.