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a plot in rectangular coordinates of paired observations of two random variables, each observation plotted as one point on the graph; the scatter or clustering of points provides an indication of the strength of the relationship between the two variables.
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Graphic display of distribution of two variables in relation to each other.
[scatter + G. gramma, something written]
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The remaining samples were excluded from the regression analysis because of flags from the UF-100, incongruent dipstick results, or abnormal scattergrams (see below).
The scattergram (forward scattered light intensity vs fluorescent light intensity; Fig.
This can be explained by a positive interference caused by yeast cells overlapping the RBC area of the scattergram. Dipstick testing (hemoglobin) may prove to be very useful in these cases.
Caption: Figure 11: Scattergrams of predictable and experimental value of discharge for conglomerate confined aquifer.
Vocalization-Silence Scattergram: It must be stressed that Vocalization-Silence Scattergrams are not an original idea, but an adaptation of Poincare sections or Stroboscopic Maps (Solari, Natiello, & Mindlin, 1996).
Caption: Figure 5: Scattergrams of the significant correlations between behavioral measures and neurochemical variables in the postrhinal cortex, entorhinal cortex, brain stem, striatum, and cerebellum in old rats.
Caption: FIGURE 9: The scattergrams of natural frequencies of cantilever cylindrical shell coated with and without hard coating under different excitation levels.
In the present study abnormal scattergrams on this analyzer were used for presumptive diagnosis of malaria.
Scattergrams of ESP values against [Na.sup.+.sub.exch] values in the four datasets show that although these values were correlated in each study, there could nevertheless be considerable variation in the ESP within ranges of [Na.sup.+.sub.exch] values (data not presented).
Also, two scattergrams and two histograms per result help aid interpreting disease-state information.
Pearl's outputs are produced in a series of scattergrams and bar graphs, which can be used to identify sanitation problems, the magnitude of the problems, when the problems occur, and specific sampling stations where problems occur.