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a plot in rectangular coordinates of paired observations of two random variables, each observation plotted as one point on the graph; the scatter or clustering of points provides an indication of the strength of the relationship between the two variables.
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Graphic display of distribution of two variables in relation to each other.
[scatter + G. gramma, something written]
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The VSDP system makes it possible to evaluate the degree of periodicity in the participant interaction through the joint use of two graphic approaches: Vocalization-Silence Scattergrams and Vocalization-Silence Dynamic Graphs.
Caption: Figure 14: Complex eigenvalue scattergram of different stiffness.
Caption: Figure 7: Scattergram of the BMO-RNFL thickness of the nerve fiber layer measured by SPECTRALIS OCT, compared to the value of the glaucoma discriminant function (GDF) of the Laguna ONhE program.
Figure 12 shows a scattergram of correlations between pairs of countries for IP growth (horizontal axis) and CPI inflation (vertical axis) for the 2002:01-2008:8 period on the left side and the 2008:09-2014:04 period on the right side.
Figure 3 shows a scattergram of the estimated 90th percentile values during open periods in all seven study bays during the study period and when closure rules were in effect.
Figure 3 shows the scattergram of individual delta responses of healthy control subjects and MCI patients.
Scattergram data and a Bland-Altman diagram were used to evaluate the dispersion and differences between the results obtained using the FF and direct assay, and P values < 0.05 were considered to be statistically significant.
Just looking at the regression in Figure 2A of Fleegler et al., the left half, with legislative strength scores < 14, resembles a scattergram if one ignores the regression line and the confidence intervals.
The DIFF scattergram from the XE2100 analyser contained a large grey-out area where the population of eosinophils normally locates (Figure 1).
Interestingly, students were focused on their own data point within the scattergram with comments such as "This is me (pointing at the appropriate data point) and "This is how tall I am and how fast I walk".