scatter diagram

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scatter diagram

a graphical figure in which two axes are plotted at right angles to each other, the independent variable on the x (horizontal) axis and the dependent variable on the y (vertical) axis. Each individual or object is then measured for these two variables, for example, age (x) and weight (y), and the position marked on the correct coordinates of the diagram, producing a series of scattered points. These may be given a ‘line of best fit’ by REGRESSION ANALYSIS.


1. the diffusion or deviation of x-rays produced by a medium through which the rays pass.
2. the distribution of two variables in relation to each other, e.g. the numbers of a population in terms of time, place or any other variable.

back scatter
backward diffusion of x-rays.
scatter diagram
a graphic representation of a scatter of two variables.
scatter radiation
the scattering of radiation in all directions as a result of interaction between the beam of the x-ray and the patient. See also compton effect.
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We tested for relationships in the lower bounds of published scatter plots of asymmetry and trait size in data from six studies, including barn swallows (Moller 1990, 1992b), earwigs (Radesater and Halldorsdottir 1993), peacocks (Manning and Hartley 1991), and flower petals (Moller and Eriksson 1994; Moller 1995).
Although the shapes of the aggregate supply and demand curves can be inferred from these impulse responses, a clearer representation of them can be obtained by reconstructing the output growth and inflation series using one shock at a time and then producing a scatter plot of the resulting series.
Intuitively, the degrees of spread of the four scatter plots (refer to Figures 16, 17, 18, and 19) do not seem to be the same.
Therefore, scatter plots showing a "y = x" relationship signify HVAC dominance of airflow dynamics.
Homogeneity of regression was observed in scatter plots of pre-test scores versus post-test scores and their trend lines by treatment and control groups.
SigmaPlot also provides a variety of Cartesian plotting features, such as scatter plots, line graphs, mesh surface plots, stacked or grouped bar charts, box plots, step plots, error bars, and quality control charts.
The latest release also features the addition of several new chart types, including doughnut charts, gauge charts, and scatter plots.
For example, a multiple linear regression with appropriate scatter plots was constructed with 15 lines of code, including model specification, design matrix, model fitting and plot instructions.
The class scatter plots were greatly improved by implementing several top user-requested features.
This package automatically creates confidence intervals on line/ scatter plots, as well as create 2-D vector plots.