scatter diagram

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scatter diagram

a graphical figure in which two axes are plotted at right angles to each other, the independent variable on the x (horizontal) axis and the dependent variable on the y (vertical) axis. Each individual or object is then measured for these two variables, for example, age (x) and weight (y), and the position marked on the correct coordinates of the diagram, producing a series of scattered points. These may be given a ‘line of best fit’ by REGRESSION ANALYSIS.


1. the diffusion or deviation of x-rays produced by a medium through which the rays pass.
2. the distribution of two variables in relation to each other, e.g. the numbers of a population in terms of time, place or any other variable.

back scatter
backward diffusion of x-rays.
scatter diagram
a graphic representation of a scatter of two variables.
scatter radiation
the scattering of radiation in all directions as a result of interaction between the beam of the x-ray and the patient. See also compton effect.
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On the basis of a Cattell scatter diagram and factor loading of all items on the first factor higher than .
Scatter diagram in Figure 2 demonstrate a significant positive relationship between foot length and body length ([r.
The form of scatter diagram on standard 2-simplex plane also provided a visualization method for analyzing scattering mechanisms of the model-based decomposition.
A regression line fitted to the scatter diagram by a least squares estimate defines the linear relationship between the two variables.
Scatter diagrams similar with Figure 7 would be upside down and show the true shape of the outline of the abdomen of red swamp crayfish.
Now we have the Scatter Diagram with regression equation:
A Scatter diagram of transcutaneous bilirubin values and laboratory bilirubin was plotted.
Now, the two successive wavelet coefficients are taken as points in N2 and the scatter diagram is plotted; see Figures 1 to 3.
A scatter diagram shows nonlinear relationships that result in scattered data plots.
A scatter diagram shows the relationship between two variables.