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sheep cell agglutination test

a laboratory test for infectious mononucleosis. When the antibody level of a person with this disease reaches a certain level, a sample of his blood will cause agglutination of sheep erythrocytes. If there is agglutination of these cells in concentrations up to 1:28, the findings are considered positive for infectious mononucleosis.


sheep cell agglutination test.


Excrement, especially of an animal; dung.
Abbreviation for:
Simvastatin And Enalapril Coronary Atherosclerosis Trial
Severe Combined Anaemia & Thrombocytopenia
Sheep Cell Agglutination Test
Sickle Cell Anaemia Test
Drug slang A regional street term for heroin
Performing arts medicine A style of singing with wordless vocables and nonsense syllables, improvised melodies and rhythms, creating the equivalent of an instrumental solo with the voice Example Ella Fitzgerald, ‘How High the Moon’
Sexology Vernacular term for coprophilia
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In southern Quebec and northern Minnesota, berries occurred in 7-30% of summer scats (June 1-September 15) (Tremblay et al.
Eurasian jays, blackbirds and wood pigeons were recorded only in adult scats, whereas remains of red-legged partridge were detected only in juvenile scats.
Prey species Frequency (%) Number of scats with prey item >15 kg Odocoileus virginianus 13 0 Bos taurus (a) 17 3 Pecari tajacu 4 0 <15 kg Mephitidae 9 1 Birds (Catharidae, Melleagris 13 0 gallopavo, Corvus spp.
River Otter prey items were summarized by calculating the absolute frequency of occurrence (number of occurrences divided by the number of scat with identifiable prey remains).
DNA was successfully amplified from 28% (39 of 137) of collected scats using the 8 loci.
The prime objective of the present study was collection of scat samples of P.
Slides of hairs recovered from scats were matched with those of reference hair slides.
Number of samples taken was dependent upon the size of each scat pile--small piles were sampled once, medium piles twice, and large piles three times.
In the Natural Protected Area of Sierra Fria the peccary is an important prey item, but it was absent in the scat samples analyzed for the mountain ranges of El Muerto and Laurel, despite being present in the area.
A number of traffic control systems are currently used around the world, for instance SCATS (Sydney Co-ordinated Adaptive Traffic System), SCOOT (Split Cycle Offset Optimisation Technique), BLISS (Brisbane Linked Intersection Signal System) and STREAMS (Synergised Transport Resources Ensuring an Advance Management System).