scapular region

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scap·u·lar re·gion

the area of the back corresponding to the outlines of the scapula.
Synonym(s): regio scapularis [TA]
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Subclinical elastofibromas in the scapular region in an autopsy series.
Conclusion: In our study, it was determined that BN was mainly localized on the pectoral and scapular regions, the prevalence was 0.
3B) Trunk tan to light brown dorsally, pale ventrally; dark markings along trunk present but faded in some specimens; black pigmentation on scapular region, head, and caudal fin (described in the previous paragraph) easily visible; barring on pectoral fin indistinct.
INTRODUCTION: The motive for this research was the use of the muscles of the scapular region in transposition, transplantation and reparative surgery and the need for more detailed knowledge of the blood supply to these muscles.
On examination, there was a cystic swelling overlying the left scapular region measuring 4 x 3 cm in size, which was smooth walled, fluctuant, nontender, and freely mobile.
History revealed that a pea nut sized bulging was noticed by him in scapular region for 10 years and which had been increasing very slowly.
On examination multiple hemorrhagic bullae were present over trauma prone sites like elbow, shin of tibia, scapular region etc.
CASE REPORT: A 73-year-old woman presented to our outpatient department with progressive pain in her right shoulder radiating to the right scapular region.
Xu et al reported a case of ossified leiomyoma in a 34 year old African American with sickle cell thalessemia, who presented with a painful nodule of scapular region which appeared heavily mineralized soft tissue mass on chest radiography (9).
CASE REPORT: A 17 years old male patient presented to us with the swelling dorsal aspect of left scapular region of 1 year duration with history of progressive increase in size.
The latter was done in a step-wise manner in both sides of 9 cervical and scapular regions and in 2 cases, only one side.