scapular region

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scap·u·lar re·gion

the area of the back corresponding to the outlines of the scapula.
Synonym(s): regio scapularis [TA]
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A nine year old boy presented in outpatient department with fever, left sided pain in scapular region and difficulty in breathing for three days.
Predominantly, patients came to attention due to enlarging masses or draining sinuses in the scapular region. From our review of the literature, the natural history of scapular bronchogenic cysts involves enlargement of the mass with possibility for recurrent infection over time.
Extradigital sites are rare and have been reported in shoulder, scapular region, [11] elbow, [12,13,14] forearm, [15,16] wrist, [17] palm, thigh, [1,18,19] knee, [20,21,22] foot, [23,24] toes, [23, 25] stomach, [26] colon, [26] larynx, [27] posteroinferior lung, [28] mediastinum, [29] intramuscular, intravascular, [30] intraneural, cervix, penis and bone, [31,32,33,34,35,36] arm, [36] buttock, [36] leg, [37] ankle, [36] back, [36] nose, [36] cheek, [36] ear lobe [36] and trachea.
3D) Trunk tan to light brown dorsally, pale ventrally; dark markings along trunk present but faded in some specimens; black pigmentation on scapular region and jaw easily visible; barring on caudal fin less distinct in older specimens; barring on dorsal fin faded and pigmentation on pectoral and pelvic fins indistinct.
The usual site for Becker's nevi is shoulder, anterior chest or scapular region, but lesions on face, neck and distal limbs have been reported.2 In our study, the upper extremity including forearm, arm and shoulder were the commonest sites.
Moreover, crotalphine does not evoke relevant antinociceptive effect on the scapular region or on theintact skin of horses.
INTRODUCTION: The motive for this research was the use of the muscles of the scapular region in transposition, transplantation and reparative surgery and the need for more detailed knowledge of the blood supply to these muscles.
On examination, there was a cystic swelling overlying the left scapular region measuring 4 x 3 cm in size, which was smooth walled, fluctuant, nontender, and freely mobile.
On examination, multiple indurated nodules and plaques were present over the left breast, the left retroauricular area, the scapular region and the neck (Figure 1, 2).
After the euthanasia (CFMV, 2012), bone marrow (the region of the iliac crest), skin fragments (scapular region) and spleen fragments were collected.
History revealed that a pea nut sized bulging was noticed by him in scapular region for 10 years and which had been increasing very slowly.