tuberosity of navicular bone

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tu·ber·os·i·ty of na·vic·u·lar bone

a rounded eminence on the medial surface of the navicular bone, giving attachment to a part of the tendon of the tibialis posterior muscle.
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Physical exam revealed tenderness to palpation at the anatomic snuffbox and the scaphoid tuberosity. Wrist flexion, extension, and supination were symmetric, but painful with loaded terminal extension in the dominant wrist.
On closed chain dorsal flexion of the ankle, there is a drop in the scaphoid tuberosity, since the dorsiflexion is accompanied by pronation of the subastragaline joint, (16,17) and pronation and descent of the inside arch reflect the foot's capacity to absorb and dissipate the energy derived from the impacts that take place during the movements.
(23) On the other hand, the height of the scaphoid tuberosity is considered to be a good indicator of pronosupination of the foot, since the changes in scaphoid height are related to positional changes of the calcaneum, subastragaline joint, and the mediotarsian joint.
The MAH was estimated as the distance between the supporting surface and the anteromedial and inferior palpable projection of the scaphoid tuberosity. (1,22-26) This point was previously marked with the subject load bearing, after which the height was measured by placing the pachimeter arm in gentle contact with the skin (Mitutoyo Corporation, Tokio, Japan).
This is a thick and fibrous band that attaches to the scaphoid tuberosity and trapezium radially, and the pisiform and hook of the hamate ulnarly.