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Intravenous metronidazole was initiated, and the scalp laceration was irrigated and debrided.
Of the patients that developed infection, 7/10 had changed their dressing on a daily basis; 8/10 had injuries to an extremity (which is considered a high-risk region); 1/10 had a scalp laceration and 1/10 had an injury to the earlobe.
Injuries, such as skull fracture, epidural hematoma, scalp laceration, and air embolism, have been reported (Lee & Lin, 2010).
'What do I need to know?' I flick open the file and scan the admitting doctor's notes, noting the patient is a young male who suffered a mild concussion and scalp laceration - relatively straightforward.
One wound was a minor scalp laceration, in which the blade would have contacted the hard bone of the skull.
But as she convalesced from the concussion, scalp laceration, injured kidneys, fractured pelvis, broken ribs, fractured vertebrae and a broken bone in her hand, Kyle, now 90, had plenty of time to watch the changes in the light, shadow and foliage on the trees outside her second-story apartment.
He struck a tree while driving home from work and sustained multiple injuries including traumatic ventral hernia, traumatic left testicular hematoma, open bilateral superior and inferior pubic rami fractures, scalp laceration, nasal bone fractures, and bilateral occipital condyle fractures.
% Severe 160 43.5 208 56.5 368 Moderate 8 5.6 136 94.4 144 Mild -- -- 788 100 788 Total 168 12.9 1132 87.1 1300 Table-5: Computerized Tomography Scan (CT Scan) Findings CT Scan Findings N (%) Skull fractures 532(40.92) Contusion 532(40.92) Scalp laceration 664(51.08) Extra Dural Hematoma (EDH) 316(24.30) Acute SDH 76(5.84) Chronic SDH 28(2.15) ICH 88(6.77) Subarachnoid Haemorrhage 160(12.30) Midline Shift 200(15.4) Pneumocephalous 120(9.24) Cervical spine 40(3.07) Abdominal Injury 84(6.46) Maxillofacial Injury 116(8.92) Chest Injury 94(7.23) Long bone injury 206(15.85) Pelvic injury 56(4.30) Raccon eye 274(21.08) Facial laceration 172(13.23)
Edith was hospitalized with a brain injury, scalp laceration and multiple spinal fractures.
The inspection of the head revealed an extensive scalp laceration in the frontal region, with a loss of brain tissue (Fig.
CA: Sister Attends Birth: Sees Scalp Laceration: Suit for Emotional Distress Suffered Dismissed
In another earlier prospective study, Howell and Morgan (1988) examined 68 scalp laceration repairs done without hair removal and found no wound infections.