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1. the removal of plaque, bacterial endotoxins, and calculus from a tooth with a scaler.
2. measurement of something using a scale.
hand scaling scaling and oral débridement using a manual scaler.
ultrasonic scaling scaling using an ultrasonic scaler.
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In dentistry, removal of accretions from the crowns and roots of teeth by use of special instruments.
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Periodontics The removal of dental plaque–an early lesion that predisposes to periodontitis and 'tartar' or calculus from the crown of a tooth and/or exposed root surfaces. See Periodontal disease.
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dentistry Removal of accretions from the crowns and roots of teeth by use of special instruments.
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Removal of dental calculus from the teeth to prevent or treat PERIODONTAL DISEASE. The hard calculus is levered or scraped off with a sharp-pointed steel scaler and the teeth are polished with an abrasive.
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In dentistry, removal of accretions from crowns and roots of teeth by use of special instruments.
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Patient discussion about scaling

Q. how do i grade the severeness of my asthma? is there like a common scale for it?

A. Yes, it's graded according to the frequency of the day-time (from 2 days in a week to continuous symptoms) and night time (from 2 nights per month to every night) symptoms. The more frequent the disease, the more aggressive the treatment is.

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Q. how would recognize the severeness of every Autistic person? is there like a known chart and scale for it???

A. there's the "Social Responsiveness Scale" (SRS).
The SRS measures the severity of social impairment associated with autism spectrum disorders.

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In this study, it was noted that majority of study subjects had certain myths and misconception about dental scaling. Regarding dental habits, many respondents believed that brushing twice a day is enough for dental health.
Another study was conducted in which 33% respondents believed that scaling loosens teeth.7
The researchers have also discovered that the number of trees of a given mass in a forest follows the same scaling law governing the number of branches of a given size on an individual tree.
Gillooly, Brown, and their New Mexico colleague Andrew Allen have now used these scaling laws to estimate the amount of carbon that is stored and released by different plant ecosystems.
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In the case where feed-back loops develop, the coarser scale represents a new level of organization and a mechanistic understanding of the interactions among the fine-scale components must be used in the scaling. The sources of error associated with this mechanistic scaling are reviewed in Russell and van Gardingen.
Scaling-up from cell to landscape has a lot to offer the reader with a background in scaling issues.
Focusing mainly on mammals, the New Mexico researchers predicted 32 scaling exponents for different aspects of circulatory and respiratory systems.
Satisfied with the power of their model to predict traits of mammals, the team recently made 28 predictions of scaling exponents for plants.
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