scalenus syndrome

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scalenus syndrome

 (scalenus anterior syndrome) (scalenus anticus syndrome) a thoracic outlet syndrome caused by compression or friction on nerves and blood vessels due to abnormality of position or insertion of the anterior scalene muscle. The term may be used as a synonym of thoracic outlet syndrome.
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scalenus syndrome

A symptom complex characterized by brachial neuritis with or without vascular or vasomotor disturbance in the upper extremities. Also called scalenus anticus syndrome.


The symptoms include pain, tingling, and numbness anywhere from the shoulder to the fingers. Small muscles of the hand or even the deltoid or other muscles of the arm atrophy.


The posture should be corrected, and sometimes the arm and shoulder are immobilized. When relief is not obtained, surgical correction may be required. Synonym: neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome

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