scalenus medius muscle

sca·le·nus me·di·us mus·cle

(skā-lē'nŭs mē'dē-us mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, costotransverse lamellae of transverse processes of second to sixth cervical vertebrae; insertion, first rib posterior to subclavian artery; action, raises first rib; nerve supply, cervical plexus.
Synonym(s): musculus scalenus medius.
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The scalenus anterior muscle pulls the lateral portion of the first rib proximally and posteriorly and the scalenus medius muscle pulls the medial portion of the first rib proximally and medially.
It is bounded superiorly by the clavicle, inferiorly by the first rib, anteromedially by the costoclavicular ligament, and posterolaterally by the scalenus medius muscle and the long thoracic nerve.
In one subject, a vein was identified between the scalenus anterior and scalenus medius muscles amongst the trunks (see Figure 5).