scala tympani

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 [ska´lah] (L.)
a ladderlike structure, especially any of various passages of the cochlea.
scala me´dia cochlear duct.
scala tym´pani the part of the cochlea below the spiral lamina.
scala vesti´buli the part of the cochlea above the spiral lamina.
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sca·la tym·'pa·ni

the division of the spiral canal of the cochlea lying on the basal side of the spiral lamina.
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scala tympani

n. pl. scalae tympanorum (-nôr′əm)
The lowermost of the three divisions of the spiral cavity winding around the modiolus of the cochlea in the inner ear. It is filled with perilymph and transmits sound vibrations from the scala vestibuli, with which it is contiguous at the apex of the cochlea.
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sca·la tym·pa·ni

(skā'lă tim'păn-ī) [TA]
The division of the spiral canal of the cochlea lying on the basal side of the spiral lamina.
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scala tympani

A fluid-filled passage in the cochlea running on the outside of the cochlear duct from the tip of the basilar membrane at the HELICOTREMA to the round window in the middle ear where it communicates with the scala verstibuli.
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scala tympani

the lower chamber of the cochlea in mammals, filled with perilymph which ends in the fenestra rotunda. It connects with the scala vestibuli via the helicotrema.
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