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n. Slang


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Abbreviation for:
NHS Security and Confidentiality Advisory Group
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The chassis on the mower utilizes a unitized frame constructed of tubular steel and has a low center of gravity that Scag said provides increased stability for mowing on hillsides.
In addition to discussing energy in this year's State of the Region report, SCAG is also developing a new energy chapter in its upcoming Regional Comprehensive Plan.
SCAG has now distributed a speeding survey asking residents what speed calming measures they would prefer.
It's the pits,'' said SCAG President Toni Young, who sits on the Port Hueneme City Council and endures a three-hour commute on the Ventura (101) Freeway to meetings in downtown Los Angeles.
Anyone wishing to join SCAG or seeking more information can make contact online via www.
Southern California's housing earned a D - the worst score since the SCAG report card was launched.
This strategy is the growth vision of the people of Southern California," said Ron Roberts, City of Temecula Council member and President of the SCAG Regional Council.
San Fernando Valley forecasters are much more optimistic than their counterparts at SCAG, with expected job growth here ranging from 3 percent to 5 percent next year.
Prior to accepting the position at SCAG, Heather most recently served as the Director of Finance and Administration for the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority in Aspen, Colorado, where she oversaw the agency's finance, treasury, accounting, procurement, planning, human resources and information technology functions.
Antonovich supports both the SCAG maglev project as well as the prospect of bringing the state's high-speed train through Palmdale.
Prior to developing Destination 2030, SCAG undertook an unprecedented growth visioning effort, using demographic trends, policy debate and extensive public involvement to examine how land use and transportation planning efforts relate to one another.