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n. Slang
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Abbreviation for:
NHS Security and Confidentiality Advisory Group
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Quando houve efeito significativo da interacao, foi realizado o desdobramento e os resultados eito do tempo de maturacao; [CG.sub.ijk] o efeito da interacao entre o nivel de concentrado; e SCAG e [e.sub.ijkl] o erro residual, comparados dentro de cada fator atraves do teste T-Student.
SCAQMD has authority to implement indirect controls and can do so two ways: (1) by writing its own rule, or (2) by getting local government (SCAG) to adopt these controls.
Scag sells its products through an independent network of dealers and distributors in North America.
SCAG committee member, Christopher Ward, said: "We're absolutely delighted because it's been a road safety problem for the last 20 years.
The dual-fuel mower shares the majority of Scag's standard Turf Tiger platform such as the hydrostatic drive, which uses dual Hydro-Gear pumps to power Ross wheel motors.
With the new power options, Scag anticipates more versatility for the Wildcat mower, which was previously available with a 25 hp Kawasaki FH721V and 27 hp Kohler Command Pro gasoline engine.
Scag committee member, Christopher Ward, said: "It became clear that a great deal of the rubbish had been fly-tipped.
SCAG has presented the results to Denby Dale Parish Council and it is anticipated the findings will be taken to Kirklees Highways Department, and the Neighbourhood Policing Team.
And while no serious accidents have occurred, SCAG says there has been numerous near misses - including an incident in which a mother and toddler were nearly hit by a lorry mounting the kerb.