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A regional term for Federal agents of the DEA—Drug Enforcement Administration
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"I can't stand to watch it," says Uncle Gus, turning away.
"We Tamils," says Uncle Para, "have never wanted to get rich .
My mum Eva says Uncle Morrie and Uncle Solly were both there whenever I had my blood changed.
As with so much else on a farm, says Uncle Billy, the first thing you need for successful ham-curing is the right weather--a cold snap in January with temperatures in the high 20s to low 30s at night.
Chelsea hit hard by Monica affair says Uncle Roger Chelsea Clinton has been deeply affected by the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal and has done her utmost to survive the ordeal, says President Clinton's brother.
Only interesting thing I know about Wigan is big advertising sign that says Uncle Joe's Mint Balls Keep You All Aglow.
"Uncle Sydney says Uncle Mo the Schnorrer is schnorring nearly that much from him already."