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A gene on chromosome 22q13.1 that encodes a member of the SOX (SRY-related HMG-box) family of transcription factors, which regulate embryonic development and determine cell fate. SOX10 may act as a transcription activator after forming a complex with other proteins; it acts as a nucleocytoplasmic shuttle protein and is important for neural crest and peripheral nervous system development.

Molecular pathology
SOX10 mutations cause Waardenburg-Shah and Waardenburg-Hirschsprung disease.
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Grating, as well, is the contrast Sax portrays between the public stewardship that Franklin D.
Sax goes on to say that the official register of Jews in Graz "appears to have been launched following this meeting.
Sax calls it a "mecca of analog fun," a place where you sit with your friends and enjoy their company.
But Sax views mobile devices as "just tools we can use in our life."
"Our success is due in part to the fact that Greenwich Accessory is a lean, nimble company that can operate on a lean margin and pass the savings along to our retail partners and, ultimately, to their consumer customers," Sax notes.
In ''Boys Adrift,'' Sax identified several factors creating a toxic environment for boys that is driving their decline: a misguided overemphasis on reading and math as early as kindergarten, too much time playing hyper-real video games, an overreliance on medication for attention deficit disorders and a popular-culture devaluation of masculinity.
contribution Professor Sax had made was either to the public trust
Cashman originally played sax with the London-Irish band before becoming their tour boss as well as Shane MacGowan's manager.
When Sax opened in the same spot, I forgot my grief and embraced the new.
BRUSSELS (AFP) - Adolphe Sax, who revolutionised music with his invention of the saxophone, is finally getting the recognition he is due in his native Belgium, 200 years after his birth.
features one of the UK''s finest sax players in SNAKE DAVIS and the scintillating sounds of THE COLIN HOLT BAND.
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