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A Japanese term for the 5th flavour—the others being sweet, salty, sour, bitter—triggered by carboxylate anion of glutamic acid, an amino acid common in meat, cheese, broth, stock, and other protein-rich foods.
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The supplier section of the savory snacks industry includes producers of food ingredient and packaging.
It is fitting that Janet joins Mike on this stretch of his tour as the month of September commemorates the 11th anniversary of Savory Spice Shop.
Vernon, of Saltburn, and Savory, of Redcar, each agreed to pay their victim PS100 compensation.
In the courtroom, Savory put his head in his hands and did not watch CCTV footage of the assault.
Savory had the idea to use robotics and, working with James Boyd and Robin Felder at the University of Virginia, developed an ingenious data-management program, Remote Automated Laboratory Systems (RALS), that can monitor and run an unmanned laboratory from a remote location.
The line of Crunch 'n Clean dog biscuits comes in four SKUs: small, medium, large and savory flavors.
Det Sgt Paul Knox was in charge of the custody suite when Mr Savory was brought in on February 19, 2004.
To cater to this demanding and health-conscious market, Savory Spice is continually creating and shelving innovative and alternative products, from low-salt seasonings to vegan cheese sprinkles.
Savory tarts are a French staple, often serving as a light first course, excellent as an appetite opener with a glass of wine.
Datamonitor estimates the market for savory snacks in Australia at US$718-million in 2003.
LEANNE PERRY, daughter of Paul and Jackie Perry, of Holyhurst, Bedworth, married Gregory Savory, son of Grahame and Ann Savory, of Alice Close, Bedworth, at All Saints Church, Bedworth.
McGriddles "provide an innovative way for customers to eat warm golden griddle cakes (with the sweet taste of maple syrup baked right in), and different combinations of savory sausage, crispy bacon, fluffy eggs and melted cheese in a convenient sandwich," say the ads.