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A Japanese term for the 5th flavour—the others being sweet, salty, sour, bitter—triggered by carboxylate anion of glutamic acid, an amino acid common in meat, cheese, broth, stock, and other protein-rich foods.
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I have always believed that preparations of Filipino foods should be upgraded and I commend Savor Filipino for its excellent food preparations.
His research indicates we savor in four dimensions: basking (receiving praise), thanksgiving (expressing gratitude), marveling (losing oneself in wonder and awe), and luxuriating (indulging one's senses).
Dropping into Downward Facing Dog pose is not just an invitation for me to stretch my muscles but to savor the sensations that I uncover.
Thus armed, Wheeler can savor the disparity between his real self and the mannequin he sends to work in the morning on the commuter train and home at night in the club car.
org) Savor Filipino this year will be 'an immersive rooftop dining experience'on Saturday, Oct.
Savor The Memories provides precious keepsakes, customized by each client's photographs and Balza's personal touch.
When individuals savor through anticipation, they look forward to an upcoming good event in ways that generate positive feelings in the present.
Sullivan said Boulevard will offer its flagship Unfiltered Wheat Beer and Smokestack Series line of artisanal beers beginning June 4, immediately after the SAVOR event in D.
Savor Massachusetts is intended to guide visitors through their Massachusetts culinary experience, while increasing the profitability of the industry.
At its best, pinot noir is silky, subtle, light- to medium-bodied, perfumed with fruit, such as strawberries, or wild cherries, and is a joy to savor.
Harris writes in her essay about barbecue and its Caribbean connection, "The only thing left to do is savor and smile.
Also, there's the ineluctable savor of late Picabia, of course, for postmodern terrible is marvelous revisionism.