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RUGBY star Rupert Moon saved the day when a party of disabled youngsters were left stranded at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium - by volunteering to show the children round himself.
The home crowd were silenced in the 71st minute when Paul Hughes gave the visitors a possi-ble winner, but Shrimpton saved the day and took Lido's unbeaten home run to 13 matches.
The Germans were as short as 30-100 to see off the Finns at home, but the 0-0 in Gelsenkirchen saved the day for England.
1998 may have been a wild and crazy weather year, but good vineyard practices and good winemaking saved the day, at least with this wine.
Late in the year, short of cash, its stock trading at 7 3/4, Spectrian did a sale leaseback of its headquarters building that raised $16 million and saved the day. The cash sustained the company and its ambitious R&D program until the cycle turned upward in 1997.
In numerous cases, these hard money lenders stepped into the breach and saved the day. Hard money lenders also have been instrumental in bringing a class of properties to market that prime lenders avoid.
But a mid-tournament correction--the removal of four lines in a 28,000-line computer program -- saved the day and the title.
FLOUNDER saved the day again in the St Mary's Rover, fished by 17 with 10 of them weighing in.