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Henry, English anatomist and gynecologist, 1810-1900. See: Savage perineal body.
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It was at this place that a wantonness of savagery had seized upon him.
The sun, sinking behind a lofty western peak, brought on an early but lingering twilight, and the expedition plodded on through the evil forest--the place of mystery and fear, of death swift and silent and horrible, of brutish appetite and degraded instinct, of human life that still wallowed in the primeval slime, of savagery degenerate and abysmal.
He it was whom I shall call Red-Eye in the pages of this history--so called because of his inflamed eyes, the lids being always red, and, by the peculiar effect they produced, seeming to advertise the terrible savagery of him.
She was bewildered by the swiftness and savagery of Ponta's assault, and by the multitude of blows he struck.
And she must tell me how Nelson had died, and I did want to know; so I went with her across the width of life from dawning boy's love for a brown-haired girl in a tam-o'-shanter back to the old sad savagery I had known.
Smooth-shaven, every line was distinct, and it was cut as clear and sharp as a cameo; while sea and sun had tanned the naturally fair skin to a dark bronze which bespoke struggle and battle and added both to his savagery and his beauty.
He stood thus in the full glare of the great moon, motionless after screaming forth his weird challenge, in the setting of the primeval jungle and the circling apes a picture of primitive savagery and power--a mightily muscled Hercules out of the dawn of life--when from close behind her the girl heard an answering scream, and an instant later saw an almost naked white man drop from a near-by tree into the clearing.
It was weird; it was wonderful; and in its primitive savagery it was not without beauty--the strange scene she looked upon, such a scene as no other human being, probably, ever had witnessed--and yet, withal, it was horrible.
Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said Trump's remarks might usher in an era of "modern savagery," suggesting that Trump's remarks represented policy and not bad taste.
Only a person of savagery would do something like this," said Troy Police Chief James Tedesco in a Wednesday press conference.
The global response to Assad's savagery is shocking.
It traces projected images of evil savagery to originating snapshots of American history, explaining how the devil myth was constructed in response to specific circumstances within a cultural framework based on interpretation.