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Henry, English anatomist and gynecologist, 1810-1900. See: Savage perineal body.
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ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) on Wednesday strongly condemned the attack carried on school in Peshawar, saying that killing of innocent children and teachers was barbaric and an act of savageness.
As a conclusion, the Gothic cannot exist without this first element, Wildnessor Savageness, which is also an element in many other "healthy architectures", as the Byzantine and Romanesque.
But it is exactly this savageness that is quickly turning world opinion strongly against Israel, which will make it more difficult in the future for the US to offer any support to Israel during the next assault on Gaza, or Hezbollah, or Syria, etc.
It is through ingenuity and creativity and somewhat savageness that they are able to make their way out of that train car," said Robert.
35) This narrative introduced French readers not only to the severity of Russian winters but also to the savageness of the environment, since the wolf served as a symbol of untamed nature in European literature at the time.
One is that they are all contributing, directly or otherwise, to the killing of Syrians with unmitigated impunity, savageness even.
Boars and wolves proverbially depict the savageness of nature, the fact that they inhabit (habito) the shrines seems out of place.
No one escaped the savageness of the night with the venue being left ragged from the loud pounding music and enthusiastic crowd.
27, Nijaifi condemned in strong words the ugly criminal explosions that afflicted the citizens in various parts of Baghdad and the provinces, which reflect the savageness and cruelness of those who carried such attacks.
A figure devoid of agency or desire, Mr Compson's Charles Etienne submits while Clytie cares for him with a "curious blend of savageness and pity, of yearning and hatred," scrubbing him "with repressed fury as if she were trying to wash the smooth faint olive tinge from his skin as you might watch a child scrubbing at a wall long after the epithet, the chalked insult, has been obliterated" (248).
It is savageness, murder, a crime against humanity," said Ecicek, adding those who stay silent in Syria should also be considered responsible for the attack.
There are no 'noble savages' here, and the argument is one-sided: the purity of the European hero is opposed to the raw savageness of his assailants.