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Henry, English anatomist and gynecologist, 1810-1900. See: Savage perineal body.
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One terrorist Harrison carried out worst level of savageness while Premier Jacinda Ardern conduct remained classic.
Similar to Havelock Ellis, whose findings stated that beauty ran parallel to evolution, Picasso and Manet equate White with beauty and Black with ugliness or savageness. These artists, whose works have become archetypes of Modern art, exemplify ideologies of beauty that Weems finds troubling.
Let us dedicate ourselves to what the Greeks wrote so many years ago: to tame the savageness of man and make gentle the life of this world.
It is certainly odd that Estevanico would acknowledge his own "savageness" (notwithstanding the inherent xenophobia in characterizing the Native Americans as savage), but it is in keeping with these texts' desire to underscore Estevanico's Otherness.
He expressed his condolences to the Egyptians over the victims of the bloody Arish mosque attack that targeted innocent worshipers, saying Arish attack is an evidence on the level of savageness these terrorist groups have reached.
Moore observes that Conrad hates imperialism as it causes savageness, selfishness and devastation.13 Nassab considers the visit to Congo quite beneficial for literature and adds that Heart of Darkness is not just a novel; it portrays a real story of the Africa.14
Coanda's philosophical view is similar to that of romantics like Blake or Clare even more so, since Coanda thought of natural beauty as a captivating force whose charm is preserved precisely by its "savageness" (Firoiu 1971: 246).
(202) One such form of discrimination is the assignment of inferior characteristics, such as "savageness," to tribes collectively to justify taking their land and destroying their familial and tribal structures.
Minutes from the meeting where the motion was passed reads: "Following the latest attacks by the Israeli State on the territory of the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, this council calls for a trade embargo with Israel and condemns the over-reaction and savageness used.
A statement from the head of the Lawyers Syndicate Sameh Ashour stated that reports are to be filed to the prosecutor general to take the necessary legal action against "the brutality and savageness that our colleagues were subjected to".
"The savageness of our society is coming out into the open.
This process has been researched in detail by scholars who in general admit that, for instance, the success of modernization in England turned out to be ensured by determination of authorities, savageness of laws and might of state mechanisms that guaranteed rigorous implementation of laws.