sausage fingers

sau·sage fin·gers

the thick, short fingers of acromegaly; symmetric, diffusely swollen fingers; an early change in systemic sclerosis.
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Charles, who was at the birth, wrote to a friend: "He really does look surprisingly appetising and has sausage fingers just like mine."
Although it's a new work, Steve - who recently won acclaim for roles in When The Boat Comes In at the Customs House and Bacon Knees and Sausage Fingers at Alphabetti - has been kicking around the idea for Floorboards for the best part of a decade.
AS far as Ali Pritchard, Gary Kitching and Steve Byron are concerned, audiences who get along to see their play Bacon Knees and Sausage Fingers at Alphabetti Theatre during February will be seeing something unlike anything they've seen before.
* Be on the lookout for "sausage fingers" and "sausage toes," both signs of PsA.
he feels the weight of the different materials in his little sausage fingers and examines the physical integrity...
Franny Norton rides Tom Dascombe's Cheshire raider, Sausage Fingers, but the likely favourite hasn't exactly sizzled in his four runs so far.
Pete's round had withered to three customers and he was suffering "sausage fingers" - a permanent swelling of the digits caused by clutching ice-cold bottles.
Bacon Knees and Sausage Fingers will premiere at the Newcastle venue, on New Bridge Street West this month, opening on October 4 for a five-night run.
It wasn't great with my sausage fingers, resulting in far more typos than usual!
If you have a big hand with sausage fingers, there'll be barely room for your middle finger to wrap around the grip.
But can you imagine wearing something big enough that your sausage fingers could actually type on?
"It's my sausage fingers," he lamented, when he had finally finished.