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The 'baking' of a person in a hot steamy room to stimulate diaphoresis, circulation, immunity, nervous system, skin, etc.
Contraindications Cardiovascular disease, children
Complications Collapse, death


(so′nă) [Finnish]
An enclosure in which a person is exposed to moderate to very high temperatures and often high humidity, produced by water poured on heated stones. A stay in the sauna may be followed by a cool bath or shower. Sauna water is not sterile and may contain harmful microorganisms, including yeasts and molds. Even though the sauna has no proven benefits in preventing illnesses or promoting fitness, the regimen does help to promote relaxation, relieve aches and pains, and loosen stiff joints.


Saunas are not advised for those with fever, those who are dehydrated, or those who are unable to sweat. Those who have recently used alcohol or have participated in strenuous exercise should not use a sauna. If soft tissue has been traumatized in the past 24 to 48 hr, the sauna should not be used. Prolonged exposure to the sauna may be dangerous due to induced hyperthermia, dehydration, and renal failure.


n full-body dry heat treatment. Benefits include relaxation, perspiration, and cleansing. See also thermotherapy.
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Al tiempo que la excavacion de la sauna de Castelon de Castanoso ha permitido fijar la tipologia de las pedras formosas cantabricas y abrir el campo de sugerencias evocadas por el molino depositado en el atrio, ademas de consolidar el edificio, que era el objeto de la intervencion.
The changes in the variables (Mean [+ or -] SD) and mean difference between groups (95% CI) for the outcome measures before (pre), immediately (Imm) and 1-8 days following eccentric exercise between sauna (n = 14) and control (CON; n = 14) groups were shown in (Table 2).
Morey-Serra is also charged with running New Town sauna since 2006 with Ivan Cameron, 70, and Susannah Clare Morey, 37.
Temperature: Saunas were 174 degrees Fahrenheit, on average, for frequent users.
While Turkish bath and sauna may be different from each other as to some features, both can be evaluated in similar activities.
BATTLE Gosforth residents Jim Philipson and Marlene Wood, who campaigned to keep the sauna open at Gosforth Swimming Pool
The man skips excitedly into the sauna but, to his disappointment, there's no naked woman there.
Before the final Kaukonen said this year's saunas were particularly hot.
Dozens of competitors were whittled down to just two, but six minutes into the final judges noticed something was wrong with Russian champion Vladimir Lazyzhenskiy and dragged him and Finnish finalist Timo Kaukonen from the sauna.
ZENA SAYS: Independent authorities claim they are more effective than traditional saunas as they heat objects which means you instead of the air so they get deeper under the skin.
GLOWING SKIN: During a sauna, blood flow to the skin increases to as high as 50- 70 per cent of cardiac output ( compared to the standard 5- 10 per cent).
The sauna is something that is almost universal to many different cultures.