saturated color

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sat·u·rat·ed col·or

a color containing a minimum amount of whiteness.

sat·u·rat·ed color

(sach'ŭr-āt'ĕd kŏl'ŏr)
A color containing a minimum amount of whiteness.
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Above, Pottery Barn's Sausalito Melamine Plate (set of 4, $28) mimics the saturated color and visible paint strokes of the original.
Saturated colors emit a lush, rich feeling without being overwhelming.
The Presidential suite at the Shangri-la Qaryat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi was described as, "An up to the moment spin on traditional Arab design elements complete with touchable fabrics in deep, saturated color creates a sense of welcoming formality".
The richly saturated color illustrations printed in Verona, Italy, add a painterly touch to the illustrations that beckon the viewer to imagine the sensibility of place.
In the gallery, black-and-white photos of Devo and saturated color film of Newman at first seemed totally disparate, utterly incompatible.
Generally, says Sashi Caan, of the Parsons School of Design, too much saturated color makes people uncomfortable.
The ragged mountain terrain with its fossilized formations, saturated color, and naked wilderness held inexhaustible fascination for O'Keeffe and was a source of inspiration for most of her artistic career.
A highly saturated color is stimulating regardless of hue.
His paired-down painting style coupled beautifully with saturated color, geometric forms and complex compositions with social realist subject matter marked him as a visionary artist of the people.
Co-branded 3M SX Series from OKI are low-odor, eco-solvent inks and GREENGUARD Gold Certified, providing rich and vibrant saturated color output.
Among the more than 100 lip products, the Color Infused Balm ($9) delivers hydration and sheer pigment, the Lip Color Crayon ($8) offers convenient, no-mess color application, and the Liquid Lipstick ($10) provides rich, saturated color and a velvet matte finish.