satellite clinic

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1. an establishment where patients are admitted for special study and treatment by a group of health care professionals practicing together.
2. a clinical lecture; examination of patients before a class of students; instruction at the bedside.
satellite clinic a facility owned by a hospital but operated at a distant site.
walk-in clinic a facility that offers health care services without an appointment.

satellite clinic

Etymology: L, satelles, attendant; Gk, kline, bed
a health care facility usually operated under the auspices of a large institution but situated in a location some distance from the larger health center.
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New for this coming season is the SAFE satellite clinic, located in staff-housing one evening a week.
At the largest satellite clinic, laboratory work is ordered for 120 to 130 patients per day.
together with Whiteknight Holdings, announced last year they would spend more than P5 billion to build a chain of hospitals and satellite clinics under the Qualimed brand in five years.
The satellite clinic began in space rented from a local furniture store.
Each new hospital, which requires an investment of around P500 million, that will be built will have a capacity of 100 to 150 beds, while the satellite clinic format will cost around P20 to P30 million to build.
is director of the UW Autism Center's satellite clinic in Tacoma.
The centre is based in the University's Innovation Building, off Stephenson Street, Middlesbrough, with a satellite clinic at Stokesley Leisure Centre.
Edward with the 75-physician Cooper Clinic and Sparks with Holt-Kroch, the largest clinic in the state with about 150 doctors and 18 satellite clinic sites in Oklahoma and Arkansas.

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