satellite cell

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satellite cell

1. Any of the cells that envelop the bodies of nerve cells within the peripheral nervous system.
2. A mononuclear undifferentiated cell that is found in skeletal muscle fibers and promotes their growth, repair, and regeneration.
A presumed histiocyte found near the basement membrane in association with myocytes in muscular dystrophy


1. in genetics, a knob of chromatin connected by a stalk to the short arm of certain chromosomes.
2. a minor, or attendant, lesion situated near a large one.
3. a vein that closely accompanies an artery.
4. exhibiting satellitism.

satellite cell
cells present in nervous and muscle tissue, whose numbers diminish with age, which are involved in repair when damage occurs. They are capable of migration, reorientation, can proliferate, form myoblasts and myotubes, and form long cytoplasmic tails that act as tethers when they migrate.
satellite DNA
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MENS-associated increase in the number of Pax7-positive muscle satellite cells was also observed during the regenerating period.
Myostatin inhibition induces muscle fibre hypertrophy prior to satellite cell activation.
An absolute requirement for Pax7-positive satellite cells in acute injury-induced skeletal muscle regeneration.
This is the first study on the effect of LIF on the transplantation efficiency of primary satellite cells," said Shin'ichi Takeda of the National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry.
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Additionally, regarding the muscle profile, it was of particular interest to study the pattern of myosin heavy chain (MHC) protein isoform expression, fiber type crosssectional area (CSA) and the distribution of satellite cells in slow and fast fibers from the vastus lateralis muscle.
One cell-signaling pathway the team identified, known as p38 MAPK, appears to be a major player in making or breaking the skeletal muscle stem cell, or satellite cell, renewal process in adult mice, Olwin said.

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