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The correct plural of sarcoma; the incorrect plural, sarcomas, has become so widely used that it has become the accepted form.
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(sar-ko'ma) plural.sarcomata [? + oma, tumor]
A cancer arising from mesenchymal tissue such as muscle or bone, which may affect the bones, bladder, kidneys, liver, lungs, parotids, and spleen. See: Kaposi's sarcoma

botryoid sarcoma

A rare malignant connective tissue tumor occurring in the uterus, bladder, vagina, liver, or biliary tree. Synonym: rhabdosarcoma, embryonal

endometrial sarcoma

A malignant neoplasm of the endometrial stroma.

giant-cell sarcoma

Giant cell tumor.

osteogenic sarcoma

A sarcoma composed of bony tissue. It is the most common bony cancer and typically afflicts adolescents.
Synonym: osteosarcoma

reticulum cell sarcoma

A rare form of malignant large cell lymphoma.

spindle cell sarcoma

A sarcoma consisting of small and large spindle-shaped cells.
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