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As a fellow sanitary engineer later reflected, "A giant step forward had been taken, because the Cincinnati group had been willing to forsake both the laboratory and the field for the desk, and the B.O.D.
Lea of Montreal, a respected sanitary engineer and McGill University professor of civil engineering.
ISKVA, dosider, ISKID, IZODER, and Turkish Society of HVAC and Sanitary Engineers are the main supporting associations.
As part of the process of continually updating the World Health Organization's Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality, it was determined that a monograph was needed that would provide information on fluoride that would be useful to a broad audience, such as health workers and sanitary engineers, who may require a broad introduction to the subject as well as point to sources of more detailed guidance.
American Society of Sanitary Engineers (ASSE) performance standards that govern potable systems' safety valves (see are numbered 1016 and 1017.
Sanitary engineers gained control of the administration of the emerging regulatory regime early in the century.
As Kehoe points out, the sanitary engineers responsible for this system accomplished their primary goal.
By the 1870s the germ theory was more accepted in Europe; among American physicians and sanitary engineers it did not make much progress until the 1890s.
He finds that while the old scientific generalists, particularly doctors, wanted to clean wastes before dumping, the new scientific specialists, particularly the sanitary engineers who were trained in biology, chemistry, and engineering, argued that a cost benefit analysis suggested that filtering the water before use would be more efficient.
Most recently, the Council and DEP have supported a call by the Plumbing Foundation, the American Society of Sanitary Engineers and the American Society of Plumbing Engineers to establish standards for water filters and other home water treatment units as well as to ensure their proper installation by bonded, licensed and insured professionals.