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Achillea millefolium,

n See yarrow.
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Benjamin Allen; breathing, as they went away, many sanguinary threats, and making vague appointments for mortal combat next day.
Tulliver, shocked at this sanguinary rhetoric, "how can you talk so, Mr.
This lonely spot, once used for an extempore burying-place, after a sanguinary BATTUE between the French and Austrians, is the perfection of desolation; there is nothing in sight to mark the hand of man, except the line of weather-beaten whitened posts, set up to indicate the direction of the pass in the OWDAWAKK of winter.
This young man terrifies me, my lord; there lies in him a sanguinary predisposition.
The captain knew the character of these savages; one of the most roving, warlike, crafty, and predatory tribes of the mountains; horse-stealers of the first order, and easily provoked to acts of sanguinary violence.
Such was the issue of the battle, as far as its results came under my observation: and as it appeared to be considered an event of prodigious importance, I reasonably concluded that the wars of the natives were marked by no very sanguinary traits.
Despite all the blinding clouds of political dust raised by opposing factions and interest groups in a sanguinary power struggle, the company in addition to creating internal rifts at Lahore Darbar had to fight wars [known as Anglo-Sikh Wars] against the formidable modernised Punjab army.
Yet when one speaks of protecting civilians from a rapacious Syrian regime, one inevitably encounters strong reservations about "humanitarian interventions," as if obstructing and complicating the sanguinary work of Assad is but an optional, nice-to-do, but potentially perilous Boy Scout good deed.
Namely the sanguinary appeal of brute power, which characterized the Peoples' Republic from its inception in 1949, until the years immediately after the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown on democracy.
Scott's Battle of Waterloo; or, Correct Narrative of the Late Sanguinary Conflict on the Plains of Waterloo.
They took place between 1936 and 1938, when Stalin gave full vent to his sanguinary paranoia and desire to become an engineer of human souls.
For the most part, however, pardons have sought to serve the purposes outlined by Alexander Hamilton in the Federalist Papers: to "restore the tranquility of the commonwealth," or to ensure that justice does not "wear a countenance too sanguinary and cruel.