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sandra (sänˑ·dr),

adj in Ayurveda, “dense,” “concentrated,” or “solid” as a guna, one of the qualities characterizing all substances. Its complement is drava. See also gunas and drava.
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The new office provides us more visibility with Cherokee County residents," Sandra says while watching construction crews making final touches on the new building.
Tenovus community fundraiser Alex Smith nominated Sandra for the bouquet and said: "You name it, she does it.
Although Sandra later on claimed that her feelings for him have toned down to friendship, some of their fellow housemates still thought that her world revolved around Sam.
Although I was four years older than Sandra we both commenced nursing training in February 1980, Sandra at St George Hospital in Kogarah while I went out to the country.
At this time, Sandra had quite a crush on a TV presenter named Mike Smith, who presented a DIY programme called Jobs Around the House and a guy bopping about on the dance floor was the spitting image of him.
Sandra started her time at the school in 1992 where she worked at Scallywags Nursery.
Sandra has many highlights but the inspectors' report is her No1.
Sandra was on the marketing committee prior to her illness and we met in Adelaide on several occasions, memories of which I now hold dear.
Sandra, who lives in Hill Top, Slaithwaite, was delighted when we chose her letter and offered her the prize pounds 100 of clothes from the new Precis Petite collection at Peters, Moda in Pelle shoes up to the value of pounds 75, hairstyling by the in-store Mark Riley salon and full make-up.
There is no other information in respect of Sandra Turner that is