Sand Painting

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A component of Navajo medicine which is meant to address the spiritual cause of illness
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* the Navajo also make sand paintings to sell to tourists
Let your sand painting dry completely and then spray it with a fixative.
Navajo sand paintings, like the rattles, sometimes incorporate images of constellations.
Its new, bigger gift shop offers contemporary jewelry, sand paintings, basketry, and more from all over the country, concentrating on Southwest and Northwest coast.
Buddhist monks are able to express religious symbols and ideas in these intricate sand paintings. You can see some images at the following websites:
Even today, Navajo medicine men consume pinon pollen in purification rites that precede ceremonial chants, and powdered pinon charcoal serves as a black pigment for sand paintings used in healing rituals.
Considering ambitious works like Slow Swirl at the Edge of the Sea, 1944, I could now connect Rothko to the likes of Miro and Masson (artists whose sensual, Latin character would have polluted the spiritual Nordic pedigree I had once traced for him), not to mention the Navajo sand paintings shown at MoMA in 1941 that had also left their mark on Pollock.
Pottery dominates, but you'll also findsculpture, jewelry, baskets, Plains Indian beadwork, sand paintings, clothing, and weaving.
Native Americans in the Southwest create sand paintings as an extension of their religion.
The museum has broadened its focus to native people of the Americas, but it's still known for its unparalleled collection of Navajo sand paintings, tapestries of sand-painting designs created by Klah and his family, plus the finest Navajo cultural research collection in the world.