sand flea

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sand flea

See chigoe.


1. material occurring in fine, gritty particles loose in the body.
2. geological sand is ingested by animals, especially horses, grazing on very sandy soil. The animals may take in large amounts and this accumulates in the large sacs of the alimentary tract, the reticulum of the cow and the cecum and colon in horses. Sand or dust storms, or volcanic dust fallout may produce a similar, acute situation.

sand colic
see sand colic.
sand enteritis
acute sand ingestion may cause enteritis with severe, sometimes fatal diarrhea. See also enteritis.
sand flea
see tungapenetrans.
sand rash
irritation and weeping of the toe webbing in racing Greyhounds causing lameness. Caused usually by racing in sand.
sand shin oak
sand toe
Greyhounds racing in sand suffer impaction of sand under the coronary band, causing lameness, mostly in the inner and outer toes of the hind paws.
uterine sand
see uterine sand.
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Tungiasis, a parasitic skin disease that occurs in tropical countries, is caused by sand fleas of the genus Tunga (Insecta, Siphonaptera, Tungidae).
One sand flea was trying to penetrate the skin of the chest.
The glass-nose, and two closely-related species, which average a foot in length, are typically caught while fishing for croakers or whiting with shrimp or small sand fleas.
Keep in mind, between dusk and dawn are the prime hours for biting insects--especially mosquitoes and sand fleas.
We see the images from Kandahar on television, yet can't know the reality of 50 degree heat, sand fleas, or the long, exhausting hours, much less the constant struggle of sorting friend from foe, of being away from loved ones for months at a time, or the loss of a comrade on what has become an increasingly regular basis.
There's no pool and the beach has a major problem with sand fleas in the late afternoon," he reveals.
She and the 29 other women in the unit endured the same sand fleas, camel spiders, and battle conditions as the men.
Most old timers have plenty of gripes about the landscape: grassburs, sand fleas, catbrier, etc.
once; three of the following: shrimp, sand fleas, sea urchin crabs, flounder clams, worms, snails, mussels, lobsters, plants; nocturnal; night
They recontoured the shoreline and spread more than 4,700 tons of sand, gravel and rock to provide natural hiding places for burrowing worms, shrimp, sand fleas and other small native creatures that fish eat.
They found the sparkling white sand beaches swarming with sand fleas.