cat's claw

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cat's claw

(kats klaw)
Herbal prepared from fibers of Uncaria tomentosa and other Uncaria spp. Value suggested as therapy for inflammatory diseases and gastrointestinal disorders; South American folk medicine uses it as a contraceptive.
Synonym(s): samento.

cat's claw

[Translation of Sp. uña de gato or Portuguese unha de gato] Uncaria tomentosa.

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Physician and medical researcher Wil liam Lee Cowden uses samento to treat patients diagnosed with lyme disease and has re.ned his protocol by adding cumanda, burbur and other herbs.
NutraMedix tinctures of Samento (Cat's claw) and Cumanda as antimicrobials with Burbur, a drainage remedy, have been very successful for us over the years.
We recommend combining the Samento and Cumanda in three or four ounces of pure water starting with one drop of each, allowing it to stand for one minute before drinking and working up to 15 drops of each, two or three times per day, with 12 days on and two days off to allow for the pleomorphic nature of the Babesia to open to disruption.
The patient also tested well for azithromycin 250 mg daily for one month to treat the Borrelia along with NutriMedix's Samento (Cat's claw), Cumanda, anti-bacterial herbs, and Burbur, a drainage remedy to soothe any Herksheimer reactions, die off, from the Lyme therapy.
These include Beyond Balance MCBAR-1 and MC-BAR-2; BioPure Quintessence, O3 Oil Gamma, Lyme and Co-Infection Nosode Drops, Cryptolepis, and Czaga (chaga); Byron White Formulas A-BART; Maypa Herbals Formula Bart; Jernigan Nutraceuticals Lymogen, NutraMedix Samento, Banderol, Quina, Cumanda, and Houttuynia; Researched Nutritionals BLt Microbial Balancer #1, CryptoPlus Microbial Balancer #2, and LymPlus Transfer Factor; Deseret Biologicals Bartonella Series Therapy; Woodland Essence C.S.A.
This product contains samento, teasel, smilax (sarsaparilla), guaiacum (an anti-spirochetal herb used in Europe but which is not very well known in the United States), and astragalus (which is used to boost the immune system).
So the first few weeks of a typical Lyme disease protocol might involve patients taking Diflucan and/or Nystatin, along with smilax and transfer factor the first week, adding teasel to the protocol the second week, and then adding samento or guaiacum, or my herbal Lyme formula, the third week.
These include NutraMedix Cumanda, Samento, Quina, Banderol, Mora, and Enula.
In this study, two herbal extracts, Samento and Banderol, as well as doxycycline (one of the primary antibiotics for Lyme disease treatment) were tested for their in vitro effectiveness on several of the different morphological forms of B.
The two herbal agents from the Cowden Condensed Support Program selected for this study are Samento (a pentacyclic chemotype of Cat's Claw [Uncaria tomentosa] that does not contain tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids), with reported antibacterial and antiviral properties, and Banderol (Otoba sp.), known to have antibacterial, antiprotozoal and anti-inflammatory effects.
Herbs such as Samento and Guaiacum have antispirochete activity.
I was particularly interested in the herb Samento, which is a purified form of cat's claw.