samanya (sä·män·yä),

adj in Ayurveda, similar; similar elements or mahabhutas augment a dosha. See also mahabhutas and dosha.
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This booklet, coupled with another published in September last year -- titled Nahi Samanya Nari ( We're not ordinary women) drawing inspiration from Tagore's play Chitrangada -- will be circulated among village women.
In fact for welfare and development of economically weaker sections among upper caste, the party announced to constitute a Samanya Nirdhan Varg Kalyan Ayog.
Being organised by Sangeet Natak Akademi, Tripura Sanaskriti Samanya Kendra, Tripura Puppet Theatre and Department of Information and Culture Affairs of the state government, the festival saw puppeteers from across the country.
Samanya Dominic Dim Deng from the Sudan wrote to me with a similar story.
Paris-Sorbonne) provide exegesis, analysis, and reinterpretation of some basic concepts in Indian philosophy, among them paramanu (atom), samanya (universal), amkara (ego-principle), and the ever-popular karma.
16) These women were referred to as rupajivas, literally meaning those earning a living by means of their beauty and were typified as samanya that is who is property of none and is concerned only in moneymaking.
Results obtained in the present study are consistent with Samanya and Yamauchi (2002), who reported increased villus height and villus height to crypt depth ratio of duodenum in birds supplemented with Bacillus subtilis var.
In the red light district of Sonagachi, which falls under the North Kolkata Constituency, the sex workers under the banner of Durbar Mahila Samanya Committee have placed a charter of demands before each political party of West Bengal in the ensuing elections to the Lok Sabha.
I produced the baby and named her Samanya Agnes, 'I did not know Agnes', but she died at two years from diarrhoea and body swelling.
Tenders are invited for Bapu bhawan lucknow me isthapit central ac plant ke samanya anurakhchan ke antargat air ducts ke thermal insulation ke replacement marammat ka karya
Tenders are invited for Bapu bhawan lucknow me isthapit central ac plant ke samanya anurakhchan ke antargat 450 tr capacity ke cooling tower ki pvc fills ki strengthening awam towers ki servicing aur ma marammat ka karya