salvage therapy

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sal·vage therapy

1. Synonym(s): salvage chemotherapy
2. treatment designed to suppress resistant virus following combination antiviral treatment. Synonym(s): rescue therapy

salvage therapy

Etymology: Fr, sauver, to save; Gk, therapeia, treatment
therapy administered to sites at which previous therapies have failed and the disease has recurred.

sal·vage ther·a·py

(salvăj thāră-pē)
1. Synonym(s): salvage chemotherapy.
2. Treatment designed to suppress resistant viruses following combination antiviral treatment.
Synonym(s): rescue therapy.

Salvage therapy

Treatment measures taken late in the course of a disease after other therapies have failed. It is also known as rescue therapy.
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Salvage therapy for recurrent BM after SRS or WBRT failure
Given the high unmet need in FLT3-ITD+ AML, we are moving forward with a comprehensive clinical development program investigating the role of quizartinib in multiple lines of treatment including induction and consolidation chemotherapy, maintenance therapy and salvage therapy, said Antoine Yver, MD, MSc, Executive Vice President and Global Head, Oncology Research and Development, Daiichi Sankyo.
Immune checkpoint inhibitors as first-line and salvage therapy for advanced non-small-cell lung cancer [published online ahead of print June 8,2016], Future Oncol.
EnBiotix said that the enhancement of salvage therapy in the treatment of prosthetic joint infections will be the first medical indication for EPP-001.
Two patients had resection of residual mass after salvage therapy, all of which contained viable non-teratomatous GCTs.
A "fair percentage" of men who undergo radiation for prostate cancer will experience a recurrence of their disease, necessitating additional treatment, or salvage therapy, Dr.
Patients with relapsed or refractory disease were rescued with the ICE-based regimen as the second-line chemotherapy, and 2-4 cycles of ICE-based regimens were conducted for the salvage therapy and APBSC mobilization.
Multimodality salvage therapy (conventional-dose chemotherapy and surgery) is still expected to cure approximately 25% of relapsed NSGCTs and ensure long-term remissions in 50% of patients [3].
We conclude bexarotene as salvage therapy is an efficacious therapeutic option for this patient with plaque mycosis fungoides and its safety profile is favorable for long- term use.
15) Primary combination therapy is usually not recommended; the addition of or switch to another agent for salvage therapy may be considered in individual patients.
Patients who failed to respond to third-line eradication therapy received salvage therapy as the fourth-line one.