salt wasting

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1. the gradual deterioration of an individual, usually with loss of strength and muscle mass; it may be accompanied by loss of appetite, which makes it worse.
2. excessive depletion.
wasting disease any disease marked especially by progressive emaciation and weakness.
salt wasting inappropriate sodium excretion in the urine (natriuresis) with hyponatremia and hyperkalemia; see also salt-losing crisis (syndrome).
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salt wast·ing

inappropriately large renal excretion of salt despite the apparent need of the body to retain it.
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salt wast·ing

(sawlt wāst'ing)
Inappropriately large renal excretion of salt despite the apparent need of the body to retain it.
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PBS cases in which salt wasting developed have been reported in the literature.10 Patient 4 was diagnosed with PBS.
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Clinicians must exert great caution when administering cisplatin due to its severe and potentially life-threatening salt wasting complication.
Initial presentation of systemic PHA type I may be confused with salt wasting congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH), renal PHA type I, secondary PHA, or renal tubular acidosis (RTA) type IV.
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Cerebral salt wasting shows an excessively high urinary sodium concentration, >100 mmol/L (4).
Cerebral salt wasting (CSW) is a hyponatremic condition originally thought to cause all sodium losses in patients with cerebral disease.
Pseudohypoaldosteronism type 1 is a rare disorder characterized by renal resistance to aldosterone which may present with a salt wasting crisis in infancy.
Mineralocorticoid deficiency leads to renal salt wasting, which results in severe dehydration ifleft untreated.
The differential diagnosis of hyponatremia with a high urine sodium and osmolality (as determined in this case) consists of diuretic use, primary or secondary adrenal insufficiency, cerebral salt wasting, salt-wasting nephropathy, and SIADH (1).