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Salt of the Earth is readying for launch more products and ingredients of this line in the following months."
Jesus' message, on the other hand, goes out to people who have hope, people who have not turned their backs on God, people who have not lost their saltiness but instead are the salt of the earth.
Biberman's book, Salt of the Earth: The Making of a Film, a unique, first-hand insight into the McCarthy era and the devastating impact of the blacklist.
If the genre produced few pictures that stand up over time, it did allow for some gripping dramas, such as Lumet's Fail Safe, and some striking moments of refreshingly unabashed agitprop, such as Salt of the Earth, the banned 1954 union film calling on the workers of the New World to unite.
And though the filmmakers faced extraordinary hardships, those, too, must remain external to any judgment of Salt of the Earth. The government deported Rosaura Revueltas in the midst of production, discouraged labs from processing the film, accused the crew of wanting to spy on atomic secrets at Los Alamos, kept theaters from booking the completed Salt of the Earth and warned projectionists away from showing it.
"Misspellings" of this kind are a survival of an older and less tractable sensibility in the language--bred in the bone, as Tyndale's "the salt of the earth" and "pearls before swine" and "the powers that be" are set in our speech.
Ramon is one of those rare individuals who lives and breathes the words 'patriot' and 'salt of the earth.'"
With all of these contemporary examples before me, I began to reflect on what I hear in Jesus' words to his disciples that they are "the salt of the earth."
He could get mushy, and a bit condescending, on the subject of the comman man; at Coney Island in the course of his Sweet Life jaunt, he relishes the wild diversity, then turns pious, blathering about "the salt of the earth, all the little people who make the world tick." Though he never again found a subject as enthralling or as emblematic as Vali and her Saint-Germain-des-Pres crew, van der Elsken was always on the lookout for signs of revolt.
But the idea of the University itself, of scholarly corporations and their collective nature, the conviction that this scientific body has the right to judge and to criticize the actions of the powers that be, the conviction that, as the keepers of the law and knowledge, they are the salt of the earth - all these maxims of our current intellectual life would have been impossible without the sixteenth-century "conservators."
The work that ensured him a place in Polish literature is Sol ziemi (1936; Salt of the Earth), a novel about an illiterate Polish peasant who is unwillingly drafted into the Austrian army to fight a war he doesn't understand.
'You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned?