salt loading

salt load·ing

the administration of 2 g of sodium chloride (with a regular diet) three times a day for 4 days; a diagnostic test in primary aldosteronism, in which the salt loading produces a typical plasma electrolyte and hormonal pattern.
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The dehumidification program includes salt loading, Dehumidification and salting, Vehicle evacuation and other activities that are needed to better address snow and snow problems on the national and provincial road network.
Long-term monitoring is vital to understanding the pressures facing our nation's freshwaters from increased salt loading, and for guiding strategies that protect drinking water.
Earlier experiments had led scientists to conclude that salt loading triggers thirst, which leads people to drink more water, thus correcting the imbalance of salt and water in their bodies.
Salt loading has been shown to induce cardiac remodeling and left ventricular (LV) dysfunction in many animal strains, at all ages, and both in normotensive and hypertensive models (4-6).
Two genomic regions of chromosomes 1 and 18 explain most of the stroke susceptibility under salt loading in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive Rat/Izm," Hypertension, vol.
The correlation between arterial blood pressure and chronic salt loading pressure natriuresis is the primary determinant in the long-term control of arterial blood pressure and the pathogeneses of hypertension.
The complex impedance plots showed decreasing bulk resistance with increasing salt loading.
Currently, the canal irrigated areas of Punjab received three to four irrigations from tubewells and thus the salt loading varied from 3000 to 12000 kg/ba along with payment of Rs.
Machinery salt loading, Stripping, Salting and vehicle unloading operations are performed by the following machines: 1.
The county's "good housekeeping" policy closely monitors each facility to make certain the salt storage does not exceed rated capacity of the facility, that salt spillage is kept to a minimum and that all personnel are properly trained in salt loading and spreading procedures.
Contract notice: Snow removal and de-icing: Salt loading site and start of circuit: Neufchteau.