salt loading

salt load·ing

the administration of 2 g of sodium chloride (with a regular diet) three times a day for 4 days; a diagnostic test in primary aldosteronism, in which the salt loading produces a typical plasma electrolyte and hormonal pattern.
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The release says the bulk coarse salt and chemical salt loading will continue throughout the shutdown period, while bagged coarse salt and soda ash loading will resume on June 11 and June 27 for fine salt loading.
It was ambiguous whether salt loading from the cation exchange mechanism contributed to hypernatremia10.
"Long-term monitoring is vital to understanding the pressures facing our nation's freshwaters from increased salt loading, and for guiding strategies that protect drinking water.
For confirmation of hyperaldosteronism, the salt loading test was performed (Table 1).
Salt loading has been shown to induce cardiac remodeling and left ventricular (LV) dysfunction in many animal strains, at all ages, and both in normotensive and hypertensive models (4-6).
Earlier experiments had led scientists to conclude that salt loading triggers thirst, which leads people to drink more water, thus correcting the imbalance of salt and water in their bodies.
Some of the untoward effects of salt loading might depend on mineralocorticoid receptor activation resulting from changes in the intracellular redox state [47,48].
We found that plasma UII levels in SR rats were more stable compared to SS rats, while urinary UII levels were similar at baseline and increased in SR rats after salt loading. This is a very important phenomenon.
Cui et al., "Two genomic regions of chromosomes 1 and 18 explain most of the stroke susceptibility under salt loading in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive Rat/Izm," Hypertension, vol.
The correlation between arterial blood pressure and chronic salt loading pressure natriuresis is the primary determinant in the long-term control of arterial blood pressure and the pathogeneses of hypertension.