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Plural of salpinx.
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Plural of salpinx.
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The Fallopian tubes. The singular is salpinx.
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Patient discussion about salpinges

Q. She had an infection in her fallopian tubes. She is recovering now, but can she get pregnant again? My sister had a very bad pregnancy where she had lost her first child. She had an infection in her fallopian tubes. As it was an ectopic pregnancy, she had an operation where they made a small incision in the fallopian tube and removed the embryo. She was depressed for quite a while as she was looking forward to enjoying her new baby. She is recovering now, but can she get pregnant again?

A. i think that was an ectopic pregnancy. of course she can get pregnant again, although the past history of tubal pregnancy increases the risk of developing another ectopic pregnancy in the future. but don't worry, all your sister need to is always consult her health and future-pregnancy condition with her ob-gyn specialist.

i believe that what happened to your sister was non-complicated ectopic pregnancy, because the doctor was just doing the minimal invasive surgery in her fallopian tube. it still has the risks of having another ectopic one in her future pregnancy, but with a complete medical check-up and work-up, i'm sure she will just be doing well.

i just wrote a brief note about ectopic pregnancy, in case you want to read that :

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The problem, however, according to Plato, seems to be that a worse person (phauloteros) will not resist being acquainted with a variety of poetic imitations, or even go as far as imitating by means of his own voice a variety of sounds: [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.]; ('thunder, and the noises of winds and hail and axles and pulleys, and the voices of salpinges and auloi and syringes and instruments of every kind, and even the sounds of dogs and sheep and birds and his diction (lexis) will consist entirely of imitations by voice and gesture, or will include just a smattering of narration ...' [397a1-b2]).
Physical examination findings on admission were as follows; BP 122/82, periorbital edema, +1 sacral edema, +2 pitting ankle edema, bilateral adnexal cysts, and salpinges. Serum laboratory results included: total protein 2.9 g/dl (6-8 g/dl), albumin 0.7 g/dl (3.2-5.6 g/dl), hemoglobin 10.2 g/dl (12-15 g/dl), hematocrit 31.5% (36-46 0/0), creatinine 1.1 mg/dl (0.5-1.5 mg/dl), white blood cells (WBC) 8,600/ml (5-10 x [10.sup.3] /ml), platelets 532,000/ml (150-400 x [10.sup.3]/ml), sick-ledex negative, and antinuclear antibody negative.