saliva substitute

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saliva substitute

sa·li·va sub·sti·tute

(să-lī'vă sŭb'sti-tūt)
Artificial saliva is formulated to mimic natural saliva, but does not stimulate salivary gland activity. Commercially available products come in a variety of formulations including solutions, sprays, gels, and lozenges. Used to treat xerostomia (dry mouth).
Synonym(s): artificial saliva.


(sub'sti-toot?, -tut?) [L. substitutus, put in the place of]
Something that may be used in place of another.

blood substitute

An oxygen-carrying fluid that can be used in place of human blood products for transfusion therapy. Candidate substances that have been investigated for this purpose include polymerized hemoglobin and fluorinated hydrocarbons.
Synonym: red blood cell substitute

dairy food substitute

A food resembling an existing dairy food in taste and appearance but differing in composition from the dairy food for which it is substituted.

fat substitute

Fat replacement.

protein substitute

A dietary protein source altered to remove an undesirable amino acid that may have adverse effects on a patient unable to metabolize that amino acid. For example, in phenylketonuria, protein substitutes without phenylalanine can be added to the diet to allow normal growth and development of affected children.

red blood cell substitute

Blood substitute.

saliva substitute

Artificial saliva.
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Three of the existing saliva substitutes namely xialine 1, xialine 2 and saliveze were prepared in our laboratory.
These values for saliva substitutes and saliva are shown in Table 2.
Saliva substitutes are most useful perioperatively when patients are unable to drink.
Saliva substitutes and sugarless candies and gums were recommended by 58% of the respondents, with their patients equally liking and disliking the products available.
Artificial tears (such as Cellufresh, Tears Naturale Free or Bion Hypotears PF) and saliva substitutes (such as Glandosane, Moi-Stir, Orex and Salivart) combat dry mouth and eyes.