saline water

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sa·line wa·ter

a water that contains neutral salts (for example, chlorides, bromides, iodides, sulfates) in appreciable amounts.
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The report says that Gorano pond which is a unique wetland of deep subsoil saline water pumped out from Thar coal mine has attracted various 'piscivorous' birds (those that feed on fish) and several other birds of different species.
Earlier SECMC also commenced a successful pilot of fish farming in the Gorano pond with over 100,000 fish successfully grown in the saline water and termed fit for human consumption by competent, external laboratories.
The beneficiaries were also distributed Thari Fish harvested in Gorano Pond under natural saline water extracted from mine of Thar Coal Block II.
has resulted in availibility of only saline water at more than 70 per cent tubewells.
By installing a desalination plant, saline water of the sea is turned into fresh, drinkable water.
If not, which high value crops can be safely irrigated using saline water?Beets, bell pepper, broccoli, cabbage, sukuma wiki, loquats, spinach and tomatoes have high salt tolerance and can be grown with saline water.
Riyadh, Sha'ban 06, 1439, April 22, 2018, SPA -- Shuaiba desalination plants of Saline Water Conversion Corporation have received the largest desalination unit in the world working with Multi-effect distillation (MED) technology in order to exploit the excess steam and add 91,000 cubic meters per day of desalinated water to serve pilgrims this year 1439H.
They are not only drinking sweet-tasting syrups, but also the saline water and sterile water for injections," a nursing staff at the hospital said.
Prof Mark Tester, a world renowned authority on Food security explained how the twin challenges of meeting food requirements of a rapidly growing world population and very limited availability of fresh water are being addressed by the development of crop varieties that are resistant to saline water.
The company, set up in 2003 and owned by the state-run Saline Water Conversion Corp (SWCC) and Saudi Electricity Co (SEC), will buy the project's water and electricity and then sell it to SWCC and SEC.
Saudi Arabia's Saline Water Conversion Company (SWCC) has appointed consulting and engineering company Poyry to supervise the engineering, construction and commissioning of the Rabigh-Jeddah-Makkah Water Transmission project.