salicylic acid collodion

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a clear or slightly opalescent, highly flammable, syrupy liquid compounded of pyroxylin, ether, and alcohol, which dries to a transparent, tenacious film; used as a topical protectant, applied to the skin to close small wounds, abrasions, and cuts, to hold surgical dressings in place, and to keep medications in contact with the skin.
flexible collodion a preparation of camphor, castor oil, and collodion, used as a topical protectant.
salicylic acid collodion flexible collodion containing salicylic acid, used topically as a keratolytic.
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sal·i·cyl·ic ac·id col·lo·di·on

a keratolytic agent used to treat clavi and verrucae.
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salicylic acid collodion

A flexible film used to remove accumulated layers of dead skin and scale (e.g., to treat psoriasis, warts, corns, or calluses).
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